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This isn't really a news site, but I date everything anyways so folks can tell how slowly I update stuff around here.

March 8, 2000

I also managed to scrounge up a "classic" Myth version of the below mentioned light-versus-dark plugin. Unit balance probably sucks, but that's not why I made it. I made it because I wanted to. ;)

It's only about 300k. Have yerself a merrry little time.

Download here.

October 11, 1999

Jumping on the WW2 bandwagon, mostly. With the release of the 'Mythical Solos' stuff, I got the idea to convert some of the single player missions to multiplayer netmaps. Not ground-breaking, no, but I do hope it turns out to be fun.

I have two maps that I've converted.. The Great Library and Redemption. I've tried to keep the spirit of the single player maps, while balancing it so it's fun for both sides. The meshes are heavily scripted, and don't offer any standard netgame goals. Rather, win/loss is determined by the completion of goals (the same goals in the single player map, to boot).

This is a first release.. beta. :) I need the unit selection tested, as well as the scripting. I've done my own testing with my PC and Mac, and it runs well, but I doubt I've caught everything.

This is a very small plugin, as well.. just under 300k. So you have NO reason not to download it. Oh. And VIEW THE README. That is all. :)

Give 'er a download, and help me out, won't you?

September 15th, 1999

Bored, I went off and made meself another map. This time, it's fer golf. Whee! Nothing more fun than blasting balls around the map with volitaile explosives. Just don't piss off the peasants..

Since I'm lazy, I haven't made the map it's own page yet. So you just get this link. Consider this a beta release, as well.. check for problems with balls getting stuck, or other glitches if/when you play with this.

Give 'er a download, eh?

August 29th, 1999

The World's Worst Map is finally done! Actually, nothing's changed on it, really, since the last beta, but I have done some "invisible" fixes that should make it about as close to finished as it needs to be. Basically, the only way you're gonna see a new version is if some big problem appears.

Read all about it, and maybe even download it, if you want.

July 25th, 1999

I added a somewhat brief discussion on matching colormap features with the displacement map, prompted by the availability of a resource on Myther.Com.

Read all about it, if you're so inclined.

July 18th, 1999

Up late one night, I decided I wanted to dork around with my webpage. This is what I came up with. I also shuffled around my map pages, because I'm considering some additions that will require more than just one big fatty page. Therefore, you get to clicky-clicky some links:

  • The World's Worst Map. And my first. Be gentle!
  • Dwarf Heaven. Scripting exploration!
  • MythII v1.3 Windows EXE file (2,294k) (US English version)
  • MythII v1.3, .hqx format. (3.6mb) (US English version)
  • Boil and Bubble, PRASP map. (5,233k) (second release)
  • sether@tru7h.org