GMAX to Yafray exporter script

Stuff to download

You will need all of these to be able to get a render done.

Get the latest veresion of the script here: (updated March 23, 2004)

The latest version of the Yafray-Material is here. This should go into your scripts/startup/ folder wherever you installed gmax: (updated Martch 23, 2004)

Version 11 updates some interface features, it introduces the scaling feature that will hopefully resolve some of the lighting/speckles problems that some exports. Full change list:

The MAXScript Listener grabber. Latest version is known to run under W98/W2K/WXP: (updated March 24, 2004)


As always, the docs are a work in progress. I like to think I've done well enough that a relative newbie can get some appreciable results but mileage may vary. Some pages I have set up:

Pretty Screenshots

Everyone's gotta have 'em, so here's mine.

Old images

Kept around just 'cause.


Just a few pages I used to help me along the way: